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"I feel so blessed to have met you and experienced the transformation of a Miracle Moment!  Thank you a thousand times!"

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"I reached out to Queen Miracle for help creating my offer, and can I just tell y'all - this Rich Chick don't play!  Miracle listened to what my zone of genius is, we threw around a couple of ideas, I cried a little, then she tapped into my Akashic Records, and like magic: we figured it out, and IT'S SO GOOD!   I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you, thank you, thank you Miracle!"

Happy Woman

"Had an AMAZING session with Miracle today to get clarity around my offering and my business in general.  Well worth every penny!  I feel clear and aligned in how I am moving forward.  She has found her genius; what a gift!"


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  • Created Just For You

    A Miracle Moment

    Get the Clarity, Courage & Confidence You're Ready For! ;)
    Valid for one month
    • Pls enjoy this SPECIAL RATE thru 8/12/22 - Full Rate: $1,111
    • We'll meet for a deep & powerful 75-Minute Zoom Session
    • & I'll provide guidance around your most pressing concern.
    • It'll be part coaching & part woo-woo, utilizing any and all
    • tools available to us (both Spiritual & Practical)
    • that I feel called to use in the moment. It's PURE MAGIC!
    • You'll leave with clarity, confidence & courage, feeling
    • truly connected to your Best Self and your Next Steps. xoxo
    • If you're ready for a Quantum Leap - this is for YOU! :)
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You Already Know...

Please note that this is NOT a consultation, intake discussion or discovery call.

This will be a FULLY transformative hour / hour-and-a-half, in which we'll dive right in and work thru your most pressing concern or time-sensitive stumbling block from a Spiritual + Practical Perspective.  And by the time we're done, you should feel lighter, happier, and ready to move forward with gusto and excitement!  YAY OM!

The goal is to give you a lot of bang for your buck, so you leave our session feeling CLEAR on your vision, CONFIDENT in your gifts, CONNECTED to your highest self, and with the COURAGE to start living in your joy, every single day!

I get it if you're on the fence and kinda skeptical that such a transformation could happen so quickly - but let me tell you something: it works!  We get out of, whatever we put into something - so if you show up READY for this kind of BIG, BOLD, EXCITING change - these sessions are nothing short of MAGIC!  :)

As smart and determined and capable as you are - you're also human, and sometimes humans get stuck.  In indecision, self-doubt, or just plain 'ol exhaustion. 

So if you're at a point where you just don't know what to do next - maybe it's time you got a little loving nudge in the right direction, a warm hug of encouragement, or the spark you need to stop messing around, and "just GO for it already!"  LOL

How does all this sound?  You ready?  Is it time?  I KNOW what's possible when you finally say, "F it!" and start believing in yourself again, and I LOVE that I get to help people get there.

Because the truth is: you're amazing!  And you and your big, beautiful heart, brilliant mind, and playful spirit deserve every good thing - starting right now.  You don't have to wait anymore.  YOU are your own miracle... I'm just turning the light back on for ya.  ;)

If you're ready, go ahead and GRAB A SESSION USING THE LINK UP ABOVE, or either button down below. 

Happy Woman

"I saw my friend's post about her "Miracle Moment" experience, and I IMMEDIATELY reached out to book a call. And boy Miracle did not disappoint! The crazy thing, is we do very similar work which felt AMAZING to experience! I received priceless insights on money & business and I'm so grateful!

I loved her style, clear, no bullsh*t, "let’s go" vibe!  So if you are looking for a deeper than mindset way of looking at anything in your life I highly recommend working with Miracle! She is MAGIC!

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"Miracle is a true intuitive.  1 hour with her shifted my energy, gave me clarity, and it was the medicine I needed to move forward.  She has a gift of holding you while also encouraging you to see a different perspective.  Give yourself the gift of a Miracle Moment Session.  It was worth every penny."


Still Not Sure?

Maybe you don't feel quite ready for something this big yet, and I TOTALLY get it... I promise.   (Cuz you gotta be READY for it, or it ain't gonna stick anyway!  LOL)

We all need different things at different times in our life.  Sometimes we need more ongoing support in the form of therapy, a group program, or an extended coaching package - to get that added guidance & accountability over a longer period of time.  And all of that is amazing and totally valid & valuable. 

The whole point of this work is to get to KNOW yourself.  So trusting your gut feeling around all this, is a great first step!  AND you can absolutely email me if you want some Coaching Referrals, or to hear about the next LIVE Group Coaching Cohort for YAYOM I'll be doing, later this year.  :)

But if how you're ACTUALLY feeling, is open and excited about working with me in this way, even if you're a little nervous - then I would seriously consider going for it while the offer is still out there. 

And by that same token, if you know you need something different - then PLEASE go for that!  Either way, I'm cheering you on, always!

In light & gratitude,






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