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What is the one thing that would bring you closer to feeling true inner peace, or genuine happiness in your day to day life?

Deep down you know that anything is possible... and that you're worthy of the life you're dreaming of.

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So what do you need, Dear One?

Clarity?  Support?

Guidance?  Healing?

To Get Unstuck?

or Just Feel More Free?


Sometimes all we're looking for is permission to trust ourselves.

Permission to just BE ourselves, and live our life.  Or maybe we're looking for a little validation.


Some proof that our gut instinct was right - and so, of course we know exactly what we need to do next.  I get it, friend - and you're not alone.

In my experience over the last 5+ years as a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach

and now Akashic Records Reader - I know for a fact, that all it takes is one word or phrase to unlock the truth, break the spell, and set ourselves free.


And thru the support and guidance of your Spirit Squad or Woo Woo Crew - you'll be able to find those breadcrumbs that will help get you back on track,

living as your most authentic self.

The path of the true you.  The one you were sent here to be.


You know because you feel it.  You know, because it's time.  You know because you've always known.  You're ready, and so am I!

Beach Party

Your Bliss is Only a Few Clicks Away...

  • Remember Your Light

    Akashic Reading

    Private Akashic Records Reading - up to 1 hour - all topics
    Valid for one month
    • This one's for my Woo-Woo Curious, or
    • my long-time Spiritual Sages, who just want to connect.
    • I like to say, "even the heavy can be done lightly".
    • And in my experience, nowhere is that more true
    • than in the Akashic Records!
    • Just pure light, love & healing grace...
    • I'd LOVE to do a reading with you!
    • So feel free to email me with questions, or grab a session
    • here, and get ready for some magic!
    • *After purchase-you will be emailed to schedule your session
Smiling Woman

"I reached out to Queen Miracle for help creating my offer, and can I just tell y'all - this Rich Chick don't play!  Miracle listened to what my zone of genius is, we threw around a couple of ideas, I cried a little, then she tapped into my Akashic Records, and like magic: we figured it out, and IT'S SO GOOD!   I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you, thank you, thank you Miracle!"

Happy Woman

"I feel so blessed to have met you and experienced the transformation of a moment with Miracle!  Thank you a thousand times!"

Happy Woman

"Had an AMAZING session with Miracle today to get clarity around my calling, and my business in general.  Well worth every penny!  I feel clear and aligned in how I am moving forward.  She has found her genius; what a gift!"

  • Available Online

    Private Session - Individuals or Couples Okay - All Topics Welcome

    1 hr

    225 US dollars


An Akashic Records Reading is a transformative & spiritual one-of-a-kind experience, where you can get whatever clarity, support or guidance you need, around any topic you like.


Sometimes all you need is one word or phrase, to unlock the truth and break the spell. And I can help you find that breadcrumb to get you back on your true path. xo


I have seen time and time again - that the simplest shift in perspective is all that's needed to create a massive change in your life.  It doesn't take much, because it's really just about remembering what you already know, and trusting yourself again.


So if you want that truth revealed to you in a really fun and direct way, you'll LOVE working with me and your Spirit Squad in the Akashic Records! ​

You might laugh because of what you hear during a reading, or maybe even cry, and sometimes both. But no matter what, you can trust that you're hearing everything you need to hear, in the way you need to hear it, to serve you in that moment.

Each Reading is as unique as you are, and different every time. That's why you can come back time and time again. It's quite a magical experience and I look forward to facilitating it for you whenever you're ready!

You can learn more about the Akashic Records, and what your experience will be like, by reading the Blog here.

Or you can book your first session by clicking on the link above, and I look forward to working with you!  It's gonna be great!  :)

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*If finances are tight, but you know you want a reading,

just send me an email and we can discuss your options. 

Happy Woman

"I saw my friend's post about her "Miracle Moment" experience, and I IMMEDIATELY reached out to book a call. And boy Miracle did not disappoint! The crazy thing, is we do very similar work which felt AMAZING to experience! I received priceless insights on money & business and I'm so grateful!

I loved her style, clear, no bullsh*t, "let’s go" vibe!  So if you are looking for a deeper than mindset way of looking at anything in your life I highly recommend working with Miracle! She is MAGIC!

Ready to Party

"Miracle is a true intuitive.  1 hour with her shifted my energy, gave me clarity, and it was the medicine I needed to move forward.  She has a gift of holding you while also encouraging you to see a different perspective.  Give yourself the gift of a Miracle Moment.  It was worth every penny."


Get access to our ENTIRE Collection of the Midweek Meditations sent out for the last few years - all only 10 minutes each - simply by clicking here and you're good to go.  :) 

And you can always check out our YOUTUBE Channel for updated meditations, mindfulness talks, and more!  I've gotchu.

Your bliss is just a breath away.

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*Perfectly Imperfect - Infinitely Divine*

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