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with Miracle Laurie May

Join us for NEW EPISODES every Monday to get a dose of your MINDFUL MORSELS wherever you listen to podcasts!

Some popular podcast platforms are listed down below for your convenience.  YAY!

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Mindful Morsels are basically little vitamins for your soul to start the week off right, and occasionally I answer one of YOUR questions, from a mindful, joyful & loving perspective.

We also have GUESTS on our show occasionally - from all walks of life, where we talk about anything under the sun, and always have fun!

And we ALSO spend some time exploring "The Gift of Grief and Our Path Back to Joy"  to try to normalize, one of our most common human experiences - so we can remember that we're not alone in that journey. :)


*Listen to the Trailer HERE 

*Check out Episode Deets or grab the Transcripts HERE

*Catch the latest episode by Listening Directly HERE

*Or find your favorite Platform using one of the links up above and I hope you enjoy the show!  :)

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"Hey there!  :)  Thanks for checking out the podcast!  It's the work of a lifetime, turns out, and I ADORE being able to share this space with you in this way.

And don't forget - if you would like the TRANSCRIPTS of the show, or just want to learn a little more about a particular episode before you check it out, you can get all that by going to our B&TBS BLOG and grabbing what you need.

Easy Peasy.  YAY OM!"

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"EFFIN' GROOVY" written by Bobbo Byrnes & Miracle Laurie May

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