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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Around this time last year, my hubby and I were with some of our besties in Jersey talking about what 2020 might hold for all of us. Then our buddy said, "I know! 2020 - The Year of Clarity!"

Get it? Vision, Hindsight, 20/20? (Tee Hee - LOL) ;) We thought it was pretty clever, and "hey! why not?!" So we giggled, spit-balled about it for a bit, drank our merry cocktails, and continued on with the conversation. Then the New Year rang itself in and ALL the things happened.

A lot of people would say this year has been a "sh*tstorm" or "a total dumpster fire" (my personal fave! LOL), but if you really think about it - as we bring this year to a WAS the year of clarity! Don't you think, Super Star?

This year exposed our addiction to busy-ness, the unnecessary commutes we were making, the importance of our education and day-care structures, overly-micromanaging bosses, the inequity of the healthcare system, the brokenness of our politics, the inherent racism in this country, and some relationships, career choices or habits, that desperately needed the old Heave-Ho, but until 2020 - we didn't have the courage to do anything about them.

We may not LIKE what this year has shown us, but hot damn if things aren't crystal clear now, right?!?! And I swear, I don't think it's a bad thing.

EVERY GOOD THING IN MY LIFE has come from a place of truth, of love, and of accepting the reality of the situation for what it is. Because knowledge is power, and from THAT place I can start working towards a solution. I can do my part, use my privilege, use my power, heal, make amends, get help, make smart decisions, good decisions, fun decisions, loving decisions, healthy decisions and kind decisions. I can be mindful about my actions instead of reactionary.

So my invitation is this - let's examine this year and let it mean something. Let's take a good look, learn from the pain, honor the suffering, be grateful for the good stuff that has come out of it, and set some gentle, loving intentions for next year. The more of us that stay awake, move from gratitude, and anchor into hope - the sooner we get through this. Together.

We WILL get through this, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and by this time next year, it's gonna be a whole new world, all over again. So what do we want it to look like? What is our part in all this? How are we going to make it better? If that's too big a question, then how about this:

"What can I do for myself to ensure that I truly enjoy this time of quiet and rest we're in? If I'm lucky enough to have a roof over my head, what new traditions can I forge during these crazy times? What tools of adaptation that I now possess (because you DO!), can I use to go after that thing, or version of myself that I wouldn't have been able to pursue before this moment?"

Yes, there are big, serious things going on in our world right now. But moving through them doesn't have to be heavy. It can be light and easy. I don't know about you, Super Star, but when I feel good, I do good. When I'm in a state of "clarity" ;) and love - everything flows better. Solutions, Creativity, Prosperity... all of it. There is enough space in our hearts for pain and love. For discomfort and joy. For growth and silliness. There's room. So much room.

So I say: let's party! Join me for a 2020 Reflection / 2021 Visioning Session. 90 minutes. You, me, and any other rad people who want to join. Via Zoom. And we'll talk: letting go, saying thank you, leaning in to what's working, committing to our hopeful visions for the future, and resting in the "in between".