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Dealing with disappointment

"But I was SUPPOSED to be _________ing right now!!!"

Anyone utter this sentence in the last couple weeks???? Anyone else feeling bogged down by the weight of it all or, pushed into shock because of the fear and suffering of it all? You're not alone. I hear you. I'm with you. This last week has been crushing for me in more ways than I can count.

And then I remembered...I wasn't actually in control in the first place...of any of it. Sure, I had preferences and wants and needs and expectations...but "control"??? That's the greatest illusion of them all.

The Universe... God, Divine Consciousness, Mother Nature, the Cosmos... that's who's in charge. That's who knows.

MY JOB...ALL OF OUR to keep showing up. To keep trying. To BE the light and BE the love...ESPECIALLY in times of perceived darkness and uncertainty.

I had gone lax on the very practices I teach...I had lost my way and given in to the ego, the fear, the separation...I am only human after all. 

But thanks to my meditation & mindfulness practices, I found myself, my true self, the self that is love and at peace, and one with all of you...I found my way back to the Truth with a capital T.

If you want help learning meditation or mindfulness practices...if any of this speaks to you and YOU'RE LOOKING A FOR A WAY BACK TO PEACE...even & especially in these times...I've got you!


We are all love, we are all one, we are all in this together. I'm here.