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Don't miss your miracle...

Updated: Feb 2

Five days ago I was standing on a stage in Puerto Rico with one of my heroes, receiving an award for being "Chief Cheerleader" in a group with over 2,500 people in it!

And they didn't even tell me this was happening till four hours beforehand, OR what I was getting the award for! And I almost didn't go!

This was not part of the plan...

Believe me when I say, THIS WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN! LOL Puerto Rico was NOT on my bucket list (although now I can't wait to go back), I didn't really care about this event or think it was for me, and I almost didn't go.

But in full transparency, it's because I didn't feel worthy of going. Because I'm on empty right now, friend. The last 30 days have been some of the darkest and most challenging of my whole life... including when my Dad died. And if you've been around a while, or know me in "real" life - you know that I prefer to show up in service. In my light. In joy.

Like Max from the show, NEW AMSTERDAM I have a very 'how can I help?' energy about me. Whether it's actually helpful or not, I'm not sure - but it's how I like to show up. And I don't have that right now. I don't have any extra.

In fact, the Tuesday before I was supposed to fly out to this event, I was in a heap on my kitchen floor, begging for a reason to keep going. Crying and asking, "what was the point? What value do I even bring to this world? Do I even matter?"

It was dark. And I'm fine, and I will be fine, and my people are loving on me - so please don't worry. But also - I wasn't sure I would be okay in that moment, and that scared me.

Then all the signs and experts and my friends and healers and spirit guides said the SAME THING: "Just get on the plane. Go! There's magic waiting for you over there."

And I knew they were right.

I knew that there would be, "BEFORE" Puerto-Rico-Miracle and "AFTER" Puerto-Rico-Miracle, and I can confirm that this is 1000000% true, even though I'm still processing, metabolizing, digesting, integrating, releasing and dreaming...

Yes, I'm still "in it" over here a bit - cuz it's always both, right? Beauty and the Bittersweet?

But now I'm ALSO fully f*cking aware of what I'm here to do in this life - which is to just be me!

That may sound simple, but honestly, it's a revolutionary act of self-love! And you can take my word for it, cuz now I have an award to prove it, okay?!?! 😂

I had this extraordinary, life-changing, unexpected, amazing, total gift of a moment - literally just for doing what comes naturally to me.

For leading with love, staying curious, being vulnerable and open and joyful and supportive in this community that I feel SO deeply honored to be a part of. I haven't even been in there a year, and last week I got an award for essentially being myself. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

I had a million "miracle moment"s on this trip, and I'm going to be sharing the story of my adventure with you in pieces over the next few days, but for now - I want you to know this:

What is meant for you will ALWAYS find you.

You might resist and then therefor delay it. Or it can be on your doorstep, and you still say no - cuz that's up to you. We always have a choice. But the truth is - it still came to you.

Our miracle always arrives, right on time. But we still have to say YES to it. We have to practice feeling worthy of our miracles. These tiny or not-so-tiny magical moments that change the entire trajectory of our lives.

I'm so glad I got on the plane.

I'm so glad I listened to people who love and care about me.

I'm so glad I said yes to my miracle moment, and I hope you do too when the time comes.

We deserve to be happy NOW, and trust me when I say - it can happen EXACTLY as fast as deciding and then showing up for ourselves.

So if you're going thru anything like I am right now and you're begging for a miracle - I hope this post found you right on time.

I hope it inspires you. I hope it brings you peace and hope, and that you feel loved and seen.

And although P.R. was a fabulous bonus - these miracles can happen anywhere. A "miracle" is just a shift in perspective. It's staying open, and asking for what you need. That's it. It can happen RIGHT NOW. Don't give up on yourself, and PLEASE don't quit before the miracle.

Ok, one last quick story before I go.

That last night in San Juan over dinner, I had yet another breakthrough. An epiphany:

That I could live my life, and create things, and do my work in the world, exactly how *I* want to do it!

AND that people are actually ACHING for it! They want what I have to give, and they want it in the way I want to give it, so all I have to do is DO IT already! LOL

It's amazing how confident I am in an idea I had only 3 days ago - but it's because deep down, I know it's what the last five years have been building to.

And it's the EXACT way I want to show up for y'all, so I hope you love it as much as I do!




with our first one happening March 4th-7th, in Temecula, CA.

Miracle Moment Retreats are a safe space, and sacred container for self-liberation.

Curated for the individuals in attendance, we guarantee a collection of life-changing

Miracle Moments over the course of your time with us in this magical space.


Whatever you need right now, I guarantee you're gonna get it. You just have to show up and let me take care of the rest. It's real, and it's amazing, and your miracle can happen quickly. You know if you're ready or not, so that's why there doesn't have to be an epic lead-up, and I LOVE that! If you're interested, SEND ME AN EMAIL to let me know, and I'll forward you the application and investment deets.

And as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I can't wait to curate your next big life-changing adventure, love!

Or if you're good, but you have a loved one looking for a miracle, PLEASE spread the word!

I'm cheering you on and next, I'll tell you about the beautiful women who saved my life on this trip, and how honored I feel to have received their love and kindness in the rain, on a bridge, in the middle of Puerto Rico. You can't make this stuff up, and that's why I love it! I'm so blessed, and I hope you know that you are too! with you.



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