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Ep 1: Mindful Morsels - "Imagine a Love, Big Enough to Hold Our Fear"

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

It's finally here! The very first episode of BEAUTY AND THE BITTERSWEET is live!!!


In this episode, I share & talk about:

  • the original name for this podcast

  • how the theme song was created

  • the power of embracing the "both", the "and", and the "all" of life

  • the power of finding gratitude even in some of our difficult moments

  • and verbatim, the original written intention I came up with for this podcast a year and a half before finally putting it out there.

Here is the quote we opened the show with, inspired by last week's intro episode. It is a lyric from a Ray Wylie Hubbard song called "Mother Blues"

The lyric is: "And the days that I keep my gratitude Higher than my expectations Ah! Well, I have really good days." Love it! Thank you Bobbo! You can sign up for the FREE MIDWEEK RESET MEDITATIONS here. And submit your Topic Requests for future Mindful Morsels episodes, or your Questions for Q&A Fridays here. Don't forget to take a listen to our official THEME SONG in its entirety here or here.

It's called, "Effin' Groovy" and I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me. xoxo

If you prefer to READ THE TRANSCRIPT of the episode, you can do so here:

Download PDF • 207KB

(It may be a bit wonky - so for any links referenced, kindly defer to this page please. ;) Thanks for baring with me... still new at this part! haha)

Please comment below with your favorite part or key takeaways from the episode.

And if you're enjoying the show so far, please leave a review or positive rating if you dig it, and don't forget to like and subscribe so you catch all the latest episodes. xoxo

It's a good day for a good day, and I wish you a BEAUTIFUL one!

In gratitude,


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