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Ep 11: MM - "What is Fear Trying to Tell Us?"

Happy Monday, my loves!

Serving up a lot of good stuff in this week's MINDFUL MORSEL and I hope you dig it!

This week, I share the following nuggets of wisdom with ya:

  1. What is fear trying to tell us?

  2. Even the heavy can be done lightly

  3. If we all really knew how loved we were, we'd stop taking life and ourselves so seriously

  4. How things like patience, are actually a "skill" and something that can be learned and practiced. (Do NOT fight me on this one! Just try it! LOL)

  5. I share Buddha's 3 Gates of Compassion that all words must pass thru before we speak: Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?

  6. The point is not to LIKE everybody, but to LOVE everybody. Because the opposite of fear, and the solution to all our problems - is LOVE.

  7. How using the "Power of the Pause" helps us be RESPONSIVE instead of REACTIONARY.

  8. What are the Akashic Records? I LOVE this definition by my Teacher, Nia Tracey.

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!!! And friends - THANKS AGAIN for all your love and support! We're CRUSHING this whole podcast thing together! ;) xoxo

BTW - if you love it - please leave a positive rating or review and tell a friend. (If you don't love it, thanks for trying it out! haha)

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