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Ep 12: Q&A - "How to Stop our Stinkin' Thinkin'!"

Lookit. If you're listening to this podcast or reading the transcript, that means I know 2 things about you:

1) You're smart, and 2) You care. (Which means I know THREE things about you actually - because this ALSO means that you're awesome, and therefore will totally appreciate this episode I think!)

Anyway - Today's Q is a good one, ready?

"How do I rewire expectations of myself and others when it's so ingrained?"

UGH! SOOOOOOOO good, and I KNOW we've all been there. So I hope you enjoy my Answer today. xoxo

In this episode you'll get ALL the 90's references you didn't know you needed! LOL

And the 2 books I reference are, "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer, and "The Inner Matrix" by Joey Klein. They're fabulous and I recommend them to ALL humans!

You can listen to today's episode here, and grab the transcript here:

Download PDF • 215KB

Okay - I'm running out of questions again, y'all - so GET 'EM IN THERE! Submit them here, and remember - they're anonymous, so not to worry - and send as many as you want.