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Ep 17: MM - "It's Okay to Change Your Mind"

"It's Okay to change your mind, because that means that you're paying attention. That means that you're growing and evolving, which is the whole damn point." ;)

On today's Mindful Morsel we spend some time giving gratitude to our bodies, in whatever shape they're in.

We discuss why it's okay to change our mind about anything we want.

We talk about the value in exploring best case vs. worst case scenarios.

And we learn how to "act as if you chose it" when it comes to not-so-great moments, and how we can use the negative-bias of our brain, and rewire it to be in service of your greatest visions and highest selves.

May this episode serve you well, and thank you for being here. Grab the transcript here:

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and listen to the episode here.

in gratitude,