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Ep 19: MM - "The Secret to a Happy Life"

I'm taking a big swing this week, y'all! So let's get right to it: THE SECRET TO A HAPPY LIFE, IS THIS:

Lead with Curiosity, and Learn to Let Go.

If you practiced just those two things, you'd see your whole reality change for the better. :) If you wanna learn more, than this episode is for you!

You can listen to the episode here, download the transcript down below, and submit questions and topic requests for future episodes here.

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Thanks for being here, everybody! Much appreciation to our fearless Captain Karl T. Wright - the producer and editor of this lovely show, Chris Collins for the Meditation Music, and of course - Bobbo Byrnes for our bad ass theme song. xoxo

It's a good day for a good day, and I wish you a beautiful one. - Miracle