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Ep 23: MM - "Are things falling apart, or falling into place?"

In today's episode, we explore the following concepts:


*Acting "as if" we CHOSE the thing that we find challenging

*Using our breath as a powerful reset, even in our busiest of moments

*Surrendering to the Truth of Who We Are

*Reminding ourselves, that often we need to have a "breakdown" before we can have a BREAKTHROUGH!

*And so much more...

This one feels big, important and timely to me... for all of us. So I hope you love it! Thank you for being here, and thank you to our amazing crew: Karl T. Wright, Bobbo Byrnes, and Chris Collins! xoxo

Check out the transcript below, listen to the episode here, find other episodes here, and submit questions or topic requests for future episodes here.

Download PDF • 218KB

Big love to you,


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