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Ep 24 - Q&A: "Annoying People, Patience and Jealousy - OH MY!"

"So we can look at someone and we go, "Wow! Their best sucks today!" haha We can have an opinion. We can be as judgey as we wanna be about it, you know?

We're not all gonna like each other all the time. I don't think that's the point. Can we love each other though?"

I LOVE today's question, asking, "how do we deal with people who annoy us?" because who ISN'T annoying, btw? LOL We ALL are... especially after these last few years, but it's also human nature. We drive each other crazy!

But there's an antidote to all of that, and it's PATIENCE... aka PRESENCE! ;) It's a form of love, y'all, so scoot up and take a listen!

Grab the transcript below, listen to the episode here, find other episodes here, and submit questions for future episodes here. MUAH!

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