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Ep 25: "Self-Care as a Superpower with Sheila Botelho"

This is gonna be a good one, my friends! :)

On our very special 2nd Interview Episode this week, the lovely Sheila Botelho joins us to share her wisdom as a long time Wellness Coach and Self-Care Strategist, while we talk about all kinds of good stuff, like:

*How Having Fun is a Shortcut for Habit-Building

*That Your Relationship to Grief Might Be Effecting Your Relationship with Abundance

*When it comes to "making time" for self-care, we have to think of it like INVESTING! $$$

*Just because each of our unique gifts come easily to us, doesn't mean they should be ignored (OR exploited).

*The power of CHOOSING Joy in the face of any type of sorrow.

*We do some gratitude, answer a question, and talk about the power of reading books under the shade of a big tree - and how the little kid in us is still here.

This is truly a beautiful episode, and I'm so grateful she took the time to CONNECT with us! ;) (See what I did there? haha)

Here's the interview I did on HER podcast.

You can check out her show here:

Her website here:

And her freebie here:

Thank you, as always, to Karl T. Wright - Editor/Producer Extraordinaire, Bobbo Byrnes for our theme song "Effin' Groovy", and Chris Collins for the Meditation Music.

Listen to the episode here, grab the transcript down below, check out past episodes or submit questions for future shows here, and thanks for being in this community! xoxo

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