Ep 3: Mindful Morsels - "Abundance: Release to Receive"

Updated: Jul 13

In this episode, we pulled from Tosha Silver's oracle deck, "Divine Abundance" inspired by her book, "It's Not Your Money" where she so beautifully illustrates the Power of Receiving. (I highly recommend!) This is the card we pulled:

And we also discussed the idea that perhaps the reason that "thing" you want isn't happening, is because you might be blocking it by gripping onto something else that you DON'T want. Life is meant to flow, my loves - so "LET IT GO to let it in." I really do think these are concepts worth exploring, so I hope you enjoy this potentially new, or refreshing perspective on Abundance and that it serves you well. Be sure to tune into this coming Friday's Q&A Episode, where we continue our conversation around Money, and the stories we tell ourselves! YAY!

If you wish, you can download the transcript here:

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