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Ep 5: Mindful Morsels - "The Power of Gratitude"

"Mistakes are AWESOME!" aka My 4-year old nephew is a genius!

In today's Mindful Morsel (and maybe my favorite episode yet!) we talk about the following:

  • How kids just "get it" sometimes

  • Why some people have a hard time with gratitude, and a fun alternative instead

  • Using the Power of Gratitude to rise above the pain and b.s. of life, and start writing your own story

  • My ridiculous love for "FROZEN 2"... especially the "making of" special!

  • One of my favorite Gratitude Quotes EVER and why it's something we practice on every episode!

Have a gratitude quote that YOU love? Email me here: and share it with me.

Wanna be coached by me? You can submit a question here for Q&A Friday, and it's always anonymous - so ask away! :)

Need the TRANSCRIPT of the episode? You can download it here:

Download PDF • 216KB

I REALLY HOPE YOU LOVE TODAY'S MINDFUL MORSEL, FRIENDS! As always, you can listen to it here, or find your favorite platform here. BTW - pretty please, if there are any episodes that are your favorite - it's super helpful if you like, subscribe and share them with your peeps. And if you feel EXTRA generous, a positive rating or review would mean the world to me! Thank you in advance. xoxo Coming up on Q&A Friday, we're gonna talk about HOW to make our dreams come true! It's gonna be a good one. :)

Thanks for being here!

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