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Ep 6: Q&A Friday - "How To Make Our Dreams Come True"

"I think that's actually where it's at, you know? Finding something where you feel true joy, while also being of service to the whole."

In today's episode:

  • you get to hear my Matthew McConaughey impression (you're welcome! LOL)

  • I share where my oldest and biggest dream of being an actor came from,

  • I admit that after 35 years, my dream might have changed and how I feel about it,

  • We do a really cool "gratitude experiment" I think you might dig,

  • and I share my opinion on HOW we can actually make our dreams come true. It may be different than you think.

Take a listen and LMK what you think! :)

As always - you can find the TRANSCRIPT here:

Download PDF • 209KB

And LISTEN to the episode here, or SUBMIT your Question or Topic Request for a future episode here.

Shout out to Bobbo Byrnes for our amazing theme song, Chris Collins for the Meditation Music - and as always, the amazing Karl T. Wright - our Podcast Producer & Editor

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