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Ep 8: Q&A - "How to Make Peace with our Imperfect, Ill or Injured Bodies"

"... the limitations become the path. And then within these parameters, you can create something incredible. It forces you to be creative, to think outside the box, to improvise..." and to EXPAND!

My loves... this is a big one, and another very personal episode!

This week's Q, I think might resonate with a lot more people than it doesn't, and I hope my unique perspective around this topic is helpful to you.

I also share where you can find a little peace in the middle of your week for free, and you can sign up for that here.

The message of this episode is simple: we are not our bodies. They are part of our journey, and something to be loved and listened to. But we are so much more.

So if we focus on the EXPANSE of our souls, and the INFINITE PERFECTION of who we really are, it can make all our human suffering a little easier. That's my hope anyway. May it serve you well.

As always, grab your transcript here:

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or submit a question or topic for a future request by going here!

Much gratitude to Bobbo Byrnes for the theme song, Karl T. Wright for editing and producing this podcast, and Chris Collins for the meditation music.

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