Ep 9: MM - “It Would Take a Miracle... (that’s you!)”

Things you need to know about today's episode:

1) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I share my very special birthday practice with you, in case you want to try it out next time it's YOUR birthday! (Just for funsies - here's me on Day 1 of my 40th year vs. me on Day 365!)

2) We are ALL Miracles, and why it's so important for us to remember that. (And YES - that's my real name!)

3) I tell a story about how my ridiculously loud heartbeat almost ruined a take when I was on set once! LOL

4) Here's the link to join my bestie's membership, BLOOM (a Conscious Women's Business Coaching Community) for FREE (and forever - not just the 7 day trial - yay!) https://bloombizcoaching.com/

5) The newest definition of my name (and how we can all kinda be a**holes sometimes, but that's okay - because it just means we're human!) And if we're still here, there's ALWAYS time to return to love.

6) Big Blessings to all of you and THANK YOU for 1 Month in the Podcast Books! If you wanna get me a bday present, PLEASE leave a positive rating and review somewhere, and share your favorite episode with a friend. YAY!

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Much gratitude to BB, KTW, and CC for making the magic happen! xoxo

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