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Finding the Good in the Bad with Tahmoh Penikett - S2E2

This is a VERY special Interview Episode for me, as my beloved friend and former scene partner, Mr. Tahmoh Penikett joins us today!

We reminisce about old times, swap stories, memories and lessons, comment on our Industry as it is today - and what we hope it'll be in the future, and at the end he shares an AMAZING quote on life and its meaning, which I'm SO grateful for!

So if we have any DOLLHOUSE fans around here... specifically some "Paul and Mellie" lovers - then scoot up a chair and enjoy, cuz this one's for you!

As always - you can grab the transcript down below, listen to the episode here, and find out about our current HZWT offerings here.

BABS S2E2 Transcript
Download PDF • 282KB

Special thanks to my beautiful friend, Tahmoh, for making the time to do this; Bobbo Byrnes for the theme song, Karl T. Wright - our fabulous producer, and Chris Collins for the Meditation Music!

See ya next week, and until then - here's to finding the good in the bad, and choosing love at every turn!