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Fun, Joy & Light Amidst the Darkness...

Hey everyone - I originally wrote this as a BONUS BITE for my MINDFUL MORSELS Crew, but it was SUPER long, so I decided it should be a blog. Enjoy. xoxo

"If any part of you feels like it's inappropriate or difficult to choose fun or find joy in the midst of so much uncertainty and suffering in the world, I want to tell you a story.

A few months before my father passed away (this is a HAPPY story, I promise!) he had another Dr's appointment. This one was an X-Ray or something, and I got to be the one to take him. :)

He had to be in a wheelchair still b/c he was recovering from his 1st hip surgery, and when we exited the room after his appointment, the door dumped us out into this massively long hallway.

I'm talking a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG corridor and we were at the very end of it...with the Exit at the other end. Knowing my father and knowing me, with my hands firmly gripping the handles behind him, ready to push, I didn't even have to look at him. I knew we BOTH had huge smiles on our faces!

I just said, "Ready?" and he said, "READY!" And I fricken BOLTED! I pushed and ran as fast as I could - full speed down this hallway towards the Exit, and god help anyone how had the unfortunate timing of stepping into our path! (No one did, thankfully).

We were huffing and puffing and giggling like little kids who just did something REALLY bad at school and got away with it - with the principal's office RIGHT next to where we committed the crime! A 70-yr old and 37-yr old, with sh*t-eating grins on our faces, and a little out of breath, strolling through the lobby like nothing happened.

That adrenaline rush, that joy, that playfulness, that levity and that if everything was normal again and we were just having fun, as we so often did. It was a gift you guys. It was our private little moment. Two troublemakers sharing a silly secret and somehow NOT getting into trouble. It was one of my favorite parts of that whole experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

And see the thing is - we wouldn't have HAD that particular moment, if he wasn't sick and about to leave us. Perspective, awareness, acceptance - that's where our freedom lies.

There's light in the darkest of corners, I promise. And if you can't find the might have to BE the light. But it's there. And you get to choose it."

Thank you for reading; I hope this speaks to you in some way.

sending love,