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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Have Zen Will Travel!!!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

So...a year ago today I hit "send" on an email going out to all my friends and family saying that I made this new thing.

A year later, I felt so proud and excited about all that's transpired & manifested & appeared since then, I was so full of gratitude for all of you, that I wanted to make a cool little video to inspire, to say thank you, to share the lessons I've learned in this 1st year, etc...and after probably 20+ takes/ was just NOT coming together! LOL

So what I'll say is this: the entire experience I just went thru is a perfect example of what I wanted to share. And per usual, the universe is encouraging me to simplify and get to the point, so here goes:

SURRENDER. ALL OF IT. Your expectations, your shoulds, your "how come?"'s, your judgments, your assumptions, your regrets, your resentments, your timeline - let it go. All of it. Trust me. It's a practice and a muscle you have to build, and it's uncomfortable AF - but oh my gosh, SOOOOOOOO worth it!

If you wanna talk more, I'm here. But for now, I'm sending you nothing but love! You've got this!!!

FYI - PIC #1 was an accidental shot I took in the middle of the bs when I thought I was still recording. ;)

PIC #2 is for you, after I decided I was just gonna write this and send a pic.

See the difference after letting go? #Freedom haha

It's a good day for a good day, my friends...I wish you a beautiful one!  And are your own miracle. Xoxo


02/08/2020 UPDATE

GUESS WHAT!?!?!? I was able to upload the video! But it cuts off before I'm ready and the whole thing is kinda ridiculous & silly, but it's totally authentically me and I love it! If you watch it, you have to PROMISE to read the description on the YouTube page first...please. ;) ENJOY!