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You didn't have a pandemic on YOUR Vision Board either? #Samesies

Odds are, a global pandemic was NOT part of your plan for 2020, or on your Vision Board for this year, was it Friend? #Samesies  (and shout-out to my amazing therapist for pointing out a couple weeks ago that I wasn't the only one upset about this fact! LOL) And I know it's been said before, but I think it's worth saying again: whether you know it or not, on some level, you're probably grieving right now too.   Grieving your job, your business, a friend or family member, being in nature, being around people, grieving "normal" life, going to the movies, alone time, or just freely doing what you want without thinking much about it... I'm writing today to tell you that it's all okay.  Feeling anger/frustration/disappointment for what you were SUPPOSED to be doing right now, feeling resistance to the way things are, and feeling grief for the things or people you've's ALL okay.  Whatever you're feeling right now is OKAY. There's also been a theme or pattern I've seen where we're tending to judge one another for how we're responding to this situation.  And remember - same storm, different boats - sure, but it really isn't to be compared in the first place.  That's a habit we've been practicing as a people for MANY MANY YEARS, but it doesn't mean it's right OR very helpful.  But I also see an opportunity here...for compassion, for kindness, for creativity, for growth, for a letting go, for understanding, for patience, for grace, for a revolution, for healing, for a NEW way of life, a new way of being with ourselves, and a new way of existing with, and treating...each other. So if I may...from my little humble heart to your shining gentle.  With yourselves and everyone else.  These truly ARE unprecedented times, and whether it looks like it or not - everyone really is doing the best they can. And all we've EVER had control over is how we react and how we respond to what life gives us.  SO... No matter how you're reacting and responding to what's going on right now - I encourage you to release any judgment you have about it, and leave plenty of room for possibilities, love & magic. Because it really IS a good day for a good day, Super Star.  Yes, even in the middle of a pandemic...

And for those of you still struggling with the greatest Shakespearean quote of all time: "AM I productive, or am I NOT productive?  THAT is the question!" This one's for you!

Please oh please...shed all the shoulds, trust the process, choose joy, and start living your life for YOU!  It's not too late! Rest is productive.  Love is productive.  Reflection is productive.  Pleasure is productive.  Creativity is productive.   JOY is productive!!! Why?   Because ALL of it feeds your soul.   Because then your cup and your well are full.  Your need for instant gratification and egoistic selfishness decreases, and there's more SPACE in your mind, heart and spirit to see the bigger see that you matter, but that it's also not about you.   The sweet spot is this duality, this equanimity.  The peace is found in being alright with the BOTH-NESS and ALL-NESS of life.  Because it And Dearest Super Star, when we live in this place of acceptance, our entire world opens up...I promise.  You deserve this peace, this beauty, this love and this joy.  It's already within you.  You simply have to answer the call. I'm here if you need can I help? "Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you're going to do about it."  --Kathleen Casey Theisen

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