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Let's start here...

*Be sure to check back often to see new resources added to this post.

It's February 1, 2022 - the start of Black History Month and a reminder that #blacklivesstillmatter

I'm gonna spend most of this month doing some behind the scenes work on myself, creating more space for others to shine, and celebrating and supporting Black Teachers, Leaders, Artists, Heroes and Communities where I can!

(Including having hard, honest & loving conversations in my predominantly white/privileged communities)

Here's a FABULOUS resource for anyone who's interested. Sign up here: or learn more here: @ardtakeaction (AND DON'T FORGET TO DONATE! #reparations )

I have some incredible Black Businesses and Business Owners listed down below, but will also be highlighting some others here throughout the month. (If you want to be listed or lift someone up, tag them below! )

Doing what we can, where we can, is a great place to start.

With you,



May 2021:

For now, this is in part, how I intend to use my privilege and platform:

To celebrate and shine a light on some of my beautiful Black brothers and sisters in the Wellness and Education Industries.

Because what I think I know for sure is this: This work, this shift, this change, and this opportunity for growth and (r)evolution will be a lifelong process for most of us, and I think that's a WONDERFUL thing. 

I can't think of a better way to spend my life, than trying to make the world a safer, and more just and loving place.  Quite frankly, in my heart - it feels like the least I could do...and I pray that we continue to awaken to the gift that this moment actually is.