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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

*Be sure to check back often to see new resources added at the bottom of this post.

For now, this is in part, how I intend to use my privilege and platform:

To celebrate and shine a light on some of my beautiful Black brothers and sisters in the Wellness and Education Industries.

Because what I think I know for sure is this: This work, this shift, this change, and this opportunity for growth and (r)evolution will be a lifelong process for most of us, and I think that's a WONDERFUL thing. 

I can't think of a better way to spend my life, than trying to make the world a safer, and more just and loving place.  Quite frankly, in my heart - it feels like the least I could do...and I pray that we continue to awaken to the gift that this moment actually is.

I promised Gianna Floyd that I would do everything in my power to make her and her Daddy show up fully and forever. To do the work behind the scenes and to walk my talk both in private and with / in front of others.  To mean it.  To live it.  To share it.  To shine a light on those who know more than me.  To elevate voices too long silenced.  To keep educating myself.  To learn and unlearn.  To do better and be better, every day, for the rest of my life.

I vow to commit to my calling as an Activist, Artist & Alchemist.

Each month I'll update this Blog Post with new and equally AMAZING individuals and companies I've been delighted to learn about, in the hopes that you'll consider supporting Black businesses in the Health & Wellness space.

Inspired by and thanks to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the #amplifymelanatedvoices Campaign, I've had the pleasure of discovering many incredible teachers, leaders, business owners, creators, healers and organizations over the past few weeks.  

Click on the names below to find out more:

KARNL MOON- All Female Wellness & Inspiration Collective

TRACEE STANLEY- Yoga Instructor & Meditation Teacher

LIBERATE MEDITATION APP- Meditation App for the Black and BIPoC Community

ATMOSPHERE THREESIXTY- 100% Natural and Handcrafted Aromatherapy Sprays Infused with Healing Crystals

THE LOVELAND FOUNDATION & THERAPY FUND- Providing Financial Assistance to Black Women and Girls in this Country Seeking Therapy

and the


Thank you SO much for being here and for being a part of this community. 

As Dr. Vanessa M. Bing says,

"We need to take care of ourselves so we can fight the good fight.  If we take care of ourselves, ALL things are possible"

Let's keep taking care of ourselves, so we can start to take better care of each other, okay?  

I'm here.  

In love & gratitude always,



A couple more resources for you to support your Anti-Racist Journey and in support of the Movement for Black Lives. xoxo

STRANGE GAZELLE - Handcrafted Skincare Designed to Feed Your Skin

SHINE - Daily self-care. Lifelong healing.

An inclusive and diverse meditation and mindfulness app! Love this!

YOGA FOSTER - Our goal is to provide accessible evidence-based tools for mindful well-being for every classroom, and meet kids and grownups exactly where they are.

7-DAY ANTIRACISM CHALLENGE - This is a fantastic way to kind of get a feel for where you're at on your journey and to start learning about the process. I can't recommend it enough!

DAILY ANTI-RACISM NEWSLETTER - When you're ready and committed to dive in to the work of educating yourself so you can be part of the solution - this brilliant newsletter contains powerful writings on all different kinds of subject matters related to the movement, as well as daily actions to dismantle white supremacy.

Again - can't recommend this enough!

Got any businesses or teachers you'd like to add, let me know! :) (

Thanks for being here!


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