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"Self-Care" is not an option anymore...

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

hello dear ones -

In an age of self-help / personal-growth / woo-woo practices, books, programs, classes and inspirational quotes constantly at your fingertips, or your doorstep at a click of a button, we're living in incredible times.

But how many of us are trying to "shortcut" or "life-hack" our way to mindfulness/self-care/spirituality? It fascinates me that fad diets are still a thing. That we darling humans think we can quick-fix our way to health. Is it so accessible and saturated now, that the whole idea of putting effort, time and commitment into this process has become cliche' and meaningless to some of us? Or do we just think that a green drink and a "Namaste'" is enough for that month?

(For the record, I think even ONE moment of good & healthy choice for your body, one quote or book or class absolutely COULD change your life (or at least the way you look at it), so I love ALL of it! And it does all count.)

But I wonder...are we giving up because it's so easy now? Are we thinking, "yeah - that's good. I'm mindful now, I'm healthy now, I'm spiritual now" after just a few doses or fixes of this Higher Vibe state available to all of us if we open up to it?

The big question is: do we still, as a culture, deep down, think that SELF CARE IS A LUXURY? A privilege? Something only the wealthy or the totally off the grid (read "hippy") ACTUALLY have time for? That it's only for people with excess time and money and fancy yoga-wear to experience? Or maybe it's only for people in rehab or a 12-step program?

The truth is, these practices are ancient & essential. These gifts, which are accessible and available to all of us, are divinely eternal and they deserve to be a priority. We can also let it be easy, btw. ;) It doesn't have to be 3 hours a day in a yoga studio or only eating kale. It's as simple as opening our eyes, deciding to try, and letting the universe guide us back to our best, highest, happiest, purest self.

I'm asking these questions because it is still unbelievable to me, how many people think they "don't have time" to meditate, do mindful exercises, go to the gym, take a yoga class, go for a walk, prepare and plan healthy food choices, or prioritize sleep. "Things are just CRAZY right now!" they say. And they might be. Sure. Believe me...I've been there. And sometimes life REALLY does kick your ass!

But the irony to me, is that IN these "crazy" times - you know the thing that would really help us? Taking a moment to breathe. To meditate. To go for a walk. To eat a healthy snack instead of going to a drive-thru. To take a nap instead of chugging your 3rd energy drink.

We beautiful, wonderfully complicated humans, too easily fall in to victim mode and think ALL these things are out of our control. "Things just happened and now we're here and what do you want from me? I'm doing the best I can!" Again, I get it. Sometimes all you get is cafeteria food...for your 6th meal in a row. And you're sleeping on the coldest, hardest couch imaginable in the waiting room, unsure if your loved one is going to make it thru the night or not.

Sometimes it's not even that dramatic, and maybe you just need to re-think they way you schedule things. Ask for help. Hire an assistant. Or learn to say no. ;) (As one of my favorite teachers, Danielle LaPorte says, "if it's on your plate, it's because you said yes to it".) In any scenario, I know, because I have done it: that you CAN take a minute, and go outside, and breathe. One minute. Or if you can't go outside, close your eyes and pretend you're outside. And breathe. And while we're at it: I bet the cafeteria has a salad bar. Or some shitty steamed vegetables. And a bottle of water or some tea you can have, instead of that energy drink or cup of coffee.

Being able to make choices for ourselves that empower us and strengthen us...choices like resting instead of running around, breathing instead of reacting, being compassionate and patient, instead of assuming and needing to be right - these choices we make, every moment of every day...they matter. They add up.

My wish for you, is that you decide, in this moment, to love yourself enough to start choosing you. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity. And even if it doesn't feel like it or make sense at first: taking care of yourself IS taking care of others. It's not selfish - it's exquisite, beautiful and kind. Just something to think about...

In gratitude always,


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