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We've got the time, and the time is NOW!


​Here's what I'm thinking today: Thank you.

THANK YOU Universe, God, Divine Consciousness, Mother Nature, Source - for the gift of this day.

Thank you for the gift of this moment AND this movement.

The pandemic showed us that "busy" was a lie and our "normal" way of doing things was not only unsustainable...but killing us.

This time go to our rooms and "think about what we've done"...this extra (unfilled, un-distracted time) is what allowed us to actually see...and own...WHAT WE'VE LITERALLY DONE to the Black people in this country & are still doing.

(We always had the time, BTW, because we choose what we put our energy and attention into, but I digress.)

But we feel and see that we have the time now, to understand the politics, disparity and systemic racism in this country and ourselves. We have the TIME to do the work on ourselves and have these uncomfortable conversations with each other. We have the time to research, and gather, and activate our voices, our hearts, and our talents FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

There is suffering, yes, as there always has been and always will be...such is life. But there is joy too. And beauty. And healing. And clarity. And art. And community. And a NEW WAY being born... created and ushered into this I type this.

We have the time, and the time is NOW!

I am ecstatic, and heartbroken, and focused & hopeful! I am leaning into patience, discipline and faith for our world and the people in it.

Everything must change for it to be LASTING change, and that's fine by me. I'm ready. I think we all are, deep down. I think ALL of our souls have been aching for this reckoning and healing for a while now.

It's time. Let's go. Be brave. Dig deep. Shine bright. In the name of LOVE, let's go!

I'm here. Fully & Forever.