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The Art of Giving Thanks...

"My heart is full." - a statement I utter, write & proclaim often, but I mean it every single time.

the gifts I have in my life are almost overwhelming.

the love I feel, the love I have, the abundance the universe so generously and continuously pours into my cup.

awareness - the key, a gift, enormously challenging (sometimes), but essential (always) - if one desires to wake up to the exquisite beauty of their life.

letting go - of old traditions, so we can create anew. letting go of expectations and "should"s because they serve the greater good, or are they acts of guaranteed suffering?

remembering...with gratitude, but tears in our eyes, the people, places and ways we used to celebrate. a special place in our hearts, a bittersweet fondness, and in the briefest of moments, a decision we get to make: do we let the pain that comes with the loss and mourning of these things pull us under into sadness, depression, despair and doubt? we LIFT OUR EYES UP and say, "thank you"?

can we let the warmth of that love, and the joy that exists in those memories serve as a reminder of what's still possible - even if it looks a little different than before?

the present that is presence...can we see all that is actually in front of us? the true bounty of the moment itself, simply by paying attention and waking up to it?

my amazing husband in the kitchen, listening to Christmas music and lovingly making a meal for us. my favorite big comfy coat keeping my body warm on this rainy day. the rain itself, which our mother earth so desperately needs. a delicious holiday drink nearby, and a fabulous movie paused on my TV so I can take a few precious moments to get these thoughts on paper before they vanish from my fragile and temperamental mind. the tears falling from my eyes that remind me of how important it is to feel and to express those feelings, as that is what my soul is here to do, and I am SO grateful!

and what do we do about the loved ones we can't be with on these special days? we send them love, light & gratitude. we wish them joy and the experience of all good things. we pick up the phone if we can, or close our eyes and pray. we say thank you - even if it's in our minds and hearts - and we trust that they know...that somewhere...they can hear it & feel it.

most of all - I'm thankful for another day, another moment, and another opportunity to "get it right" - which I'm coming to understand, simply means: to try, to show up. to be love AND loving in this world, as much as possible.

i'm also grateful for the grace I'm shown by life, god, the universe, other people, nature - every time I mess up. every time I'm like, REALLY human, every time I make a mistake or don't get it right. because from that humility comes learning, growth & compassion...and my goodness, I think that might actually be the whole damn point of this thing called LIFE.

but the heck would I know? I'm just a little human, doing the best I can and trying to lean into love and joy as much as possible. and most of the time I'm just guessing.

sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't, and I STILL got to wake up today! Isn't that cool??? :)

here's to love, and here's to you. to joy, to gratitude, to life!

with a full heart,


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