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A 5-Week Group Coaching Intensive

Learn how to navigate any hardship or time of uncertainty, come home to your true self, and go after anything you want, with joy in your heart and a smile on your face.  YOU are the hero you've been waiting for!


A 5-Week Group Coaching Intensive that empowers you to be your OWN knight in shining armor, your own superhero that swoops in and saves the day, and how to make your own miracles happen!  This way you can learn how to reclaim your life, move through ANY kind of loss with grace, strength and courage, and come back home to your true self.  After going through this program you'll be able to make the most out of whatever time you have left on this magnificent planet.  You have everything you need within you!  You just have to start looking, and I can lead the way!


Each Cohort will meet LIVE, once a week via Zoom for 90 minutes.  Each Group will consist of no more than 10 people, so you all essentially get the same One-on-One Coaching I offer my private clients, but for over thousands less!

We will explore the topics below via our Weekly Sessions, as well as the work you do on your own in between.  Then on our LIVE calls I will teach & talk about the corresponding topic, and we can discuss what's working, what's not, what you need help with and what you want to celebrate.

Once you graduate from the "YOU ARE YOUR OWN MIRACLE" Program, you will be granted access into the "Phoenix Family Reunions"!  (A monthly Zoom hang, where every member who went through the program can show up and continue to support and celebrate each other!)  You will also be given several BONUS videos, meditations & worksheets, plus the entire 3-Month, Self-Paced MYOB Program (a $888 value!), and honestly SO much more!!!)  LET'S GO!


1) You will get to know yourself again!  (Or maybe, truly...for the first time!)

2) You will learn to LET THAT SH%T GO!  :)  Honestly...put it down, drop's noise, nonsense, distraction and avoidance - which are all fear, just dressed up in different clothes!

3) You will learn how to overcome any obstacle and navigate any "road block redirect".  Then, no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to go from "surviving a loss - to thriving like a boss"!  (Sorry!  I love my silly rhymes!  But it's true...this is a BIG part of the program and I introduce you to the "Phoenix 5" - a process and cycle for moving through difficult and uncertain times).

4) Lastly, you will learn how to take ALIGNED action and enjoy yourself every step of the way!

You truly ARE your own miracle, and I can't wait to meet you!  YAY OM! ;)

Relaxing Bath


explore mindfulness tools to help you find joy in the present moment, exactly as it is.

Discover the FREEDOM that comes from realizing what is in your control vs. what isn’t, and how understanding this practice & living in gratitude can instantly make you happier! 

This Program is a great choice for you if you don't feel quite ready to commit to YAYOM or a full one-on-one Mentorship with me yet.

Essentially this is a weekly, self-guided practice that takes place over the course of 3 months.  You'll also get occasional check-ins with me to make sure you're on the right track.  I LOVE this program and others do too!

The Joy is in the Journey and the Journey is Now.

Join Miracle for this 3-Month Program with Semi-Tailored Weekly Assignments, Mindful Practices & Meditations to start finding happiness now. 

You'll also get EARLY ACCESS to all future Mindset Masterclasses!

Yoga Child's Pose


A Half-Day of Stellar Self-Care, just for YOU (and up to 4 of Your Friends or Co-Workers if you want!)

Think Tailored Meditations and Movement Classes (yoga, dance, stretching - whatever floats your boat) + a Workshop created just for you, around whatever you want to work on or celebrate that day!  

We can do a Tarot Reading, have a Brainstorming Session around something, talk Star Signs and Moon Magic, come up with your Manifesting Plan for the year, or even talk about some Tough Stuff and give you some Cool Tools to work through it...whatever you want!

But no matter what - it will be a Beautiful Day rooted in Joy and Mindfulness.  :)