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What People Are Saying About Miracle as a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Instructor

"Where do I begin with the effortless energy, beauty and healing that is Miracle's yoga and meditation practice? When you think of someone who has found their true calling, it's Miracle. She will truly connect you to your breath, ground you to the earth and guide you through the beauty that is the human body. The room turns into a safe space to crack open and allow the serenity to enter. I can't recommend Miracle's energy enough!"

Jeneta S.

"After meditating with Miracle I realized it was probably the best mediation of the year for me.  During our meditation I went on a beautiful journey and received wisdom from the universe.  So yeah, hit her up!"

Marcy M.

"Miracle has a real gift for working with her clients to understand what's going on in their lives, and aligning her meditations and exercises with their needs.  In just a few short weeks, I have found myself applying what she's taught me daily, and am learning how to focus, be in the moment, calm down, and breathe when I need to.  She's fabulous!  She turned someone who was convinced I'd never be able to meditate "the right way", into a believer."

Jacqui D.

“Prior to working with Miracle, my meditation practice was minimal and sporadic. Miracle has helped me discover the beauty in my inner voice, taught me to lean in to that voice, and now I look forward to, and perhaps require, that time with myself regularly.”

Katie B.

"Miracle can't help but be a shining light. It's in her, and it's who she is. Meditating with Miracle really allows me to let go, reconnect with myself and to venture into unfamiliar territory. It's in those moments when discoveries are made and I can feel more at peace with myself. She's been instrumental in my commitment to welcome meditation into my daily life."

Sarah R.

"I really love Miracle’s teaching style. She has a beautiful, confident presence in class. She is patient, warm, and she inspires me to go beyond my realm. If you're lucky she'll sprinkle in a little humor, which reminds me not to take myself too seriously. I love that."

Christine P.

"Before starting my meditation practice with Miracle, I struggled with being too hard on myself. Miracle’s teachings have helped me be kinder to myself. Now I am able to focus on all that I have, and I feel constantly grateful and nourished by this amazing world."

Cat H.

"As a first time meditator, Miracle’s virtual guided meditation was invaluable to me. Miracle’s voice and energy were transformative throughout my tailored experience. In a span of 12 minutes she created a safe space for me to work through emotional barriers that were holding me back. What a relief! I was able to gain clarity and move forward with a new light leading my way. Miracle’s spiritual guidance is a true gift!"

Jessica O.

“Working with Miracle was such a joy! She lovingly led me through a calming meditation practice, tailor made for my needs. The insightful intention she set for me helped me navigate a tricky situation the very next morning!”

Kerry C.

"Miracle May is exactly that. A miracle. A warm and loving presence, Miracle personalizes your meditations and takes you on a calming journey that centers your mind and lifts your spirits for the rest of the day. One hour with Miracle and you'll be hooked. Highly recommended."

Bob K.

"Miracle's voice and presence make me feel at ease. She personalizes each meditation, profoundly refocusing my busy life to the present moment. What a gift."

Devon O.

"I’d like to thank Miracle for opening my mind, body and spirit to the world of meditation. She makes you feel relaxed and joyous with her beautiful voice, energy and presence.  Through her guided meditations she has given me invaluable tools to connect to my inner self and quiet my mind in this crazy, hectic world."

Christine J.

"I have never liked yoga. I have tried to like it for the last 20 years, but it never happened. I would feel dumb for not knowing how to do the poses correctly, or not being able to anticipate what was next. I would be self-conscious about my lack of stamina or flexibility, even though I am athletic and good at other physical activities. My list of reasons for not liking yoga was seemingly endless. That is, until I took a class with Miracle. Her class was a game changer for me. I felt completely safe to not be “good” yet. Miracle led class in a way that allowed me to *finally* understand the movement/breath connection, and she gave gentle adjustments that allowed things to finally click for me. Miracle's class is challenging and I definitely sweat my face off, but the sense of accomplishment and understanding I walked away with was priceless. Miracle truly is meant to teach yoga. Her energy is magical and her mastery and confidence put her students at ease so they can simply tune into their breath and bodies and reap the full benefits of their practice.”

Aynsley B.

“Taking a meditation or yoga class with Miracle should be a requirement for all of humanity.  Her infectious kindness and illuminating soul is a source of true inspiration.  Come for the yoga/meditation, leave with a gift you will want to re-wrap and give to others.  Seriously.”

Fedora N.

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